This is Sam


Many of you might not yet know Sam, but a) you will and b) you’re in for a whole bag of “AWWW YEAH!”

Alright, so some quick facts. Sam is born in 1996 which almost makes him like 15 years old. This effectively reduces our average age to 25,25 years from the previous 27,5 which means we really should be classified as a collegiate quartet again. Feelsgoodman. On another note, Sam is on his third year of studying to become an engineer of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm which also means that he is smarter than the rest of us combined. Ayyy!

We first met Sam in early 2013 when he visited a Zero8 Guest Night (see picture 2), yes it’s the child on the front row on the left hand side. Sam later joined Zero8 during the autumn of 2014 after the Las Vegas Internationals. Besides competing and singing with Zero8 since then, he has also managed two SNOBS Collegiate Quartet golds in 2016 and 2017!

It feels really great to be rehearsing again and we have some super cool things coming up this year! We don’t plan on achieving unlimited power and world domination until some time in early 2019 though, so please bare with us. Most of all, we are just reeeeeeeally freaking stoked and thankful that Sam wanted to sing with us! 💛