Silver in Nashville!

And all of a sudden we find ourselves back home in Sweden. There are so many things going through our heads, so many people we want to thank and so many things we want to share. Six years ago we met in Alex’ father’s apartment and sang our first song together, we truly only have one person to thank for that and everything that has happened to us since, Doug Harrington. His unyielding passion for teaching and involving us young Swedes into the art that we call barbershop. Those six years ago, as we would be heading to school with our first Vocal Spectrum CD very carefully loaded into our phones/mp3-players, our lives changed. Drastically. 

The nature of Swedish choral music is very stiff in the general presentation area. Undeniably beautiful, but you stand up, hold your music in front of your face and you’d better bloody well sing in key. And standing still is not exactly what Lemon Squeezy has become known for these past few years, and for that we thank every one of you so much. Not only have our journeys across the world taught us to occasionally move a leg or wave our arms in seriously goofy ways, but it has taught us to feel music in a whole new way. 

Walking on stage for our three sets this past week was absolutely, incredibly and just CRAZY insane! The love, cheering and appreciation we felt from everybody watching, in the arena and all over the world is not measurable by any scale currently in use on earth. Nor any magic futuristic scales either for those whose thoughts were headed in that direction. We would also like to thank our friends, our brothers in Zero8, our big brothers in Ringmasters, our younger selves in Trocadero, our families and girlfriends and of course our absolutely crazy mothers who doesn’t seem to grasp the sheer unreasonability (it’s a word) in traveling half across the world to see us perform six songs. And yes, we fully understand that they never would have it aaaany other way and for that we are eternally grateful. 

So if anyone ever had told us those six years ago that we’d be able to sit on a plane back to Sweden wearing S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. silver medals around our necks, we probably would have fainted on the spot one by one. Probably starting with Alex. We will wear this silver proudly over the coming year, and all years after for that matter, count on that.

It feels kind of sad leaving the States – being there has become a synonym with joy, learning and giving for us. So in other words, we really can’t wait to come back because we love all those things! Until we see y’all next time, we wish you lots of fun and a happy rest of the summer!

Love /Lemon Squeezy